These days people seem to avoid eating carbohydrates in order to lose weight. There are so many different popular gluten-free and low-carb diet that have taken over the industry. While it is true that eating too many carbs and too much sugar can result in weight gain, it is inaccurate to say that healthy complex carbohydrates will make you gain weight. The problem is that many different people who are taking up sport or athletics are not getting enough energy in order to perform as well as they could.

How many carbs do I need to eat per day?

If you want to be an athlete, it is important that you fill your body with the right types of food that will give you enough energy. If you are only eating salad of vegetables with a couple pieces of fruit each day, you are not going to have the same amount of energy to be able to get through a two-hour hiking trip. The only way to get energy comes from the calories provided by carbohydrates. Therefore, you need to fill your body with healthy types of carbohydrates that are full of grains and fiber. For example, every morning you should have a piece of fruit in addition to the highest amount of carbohydrates that you will have throughout the day. Instead of having a bowl of pasta in the evening and a protein shake in the morning, have a bowl of oatmeal or a bowl of cereal with at least 5 g of fiber per bowl with some yogurt and fruit. In the evening, eat lighter and eat less carbohydrates. It doesn’t make sense for someone to eat carbohydrates in the evening when you do not need much energy while you are sleeping. However, in the daytime is when you need the energy. What you eat in the beginning of the day is going to set in motion how well you performed throughout the day. Carbohydrates are essential not only for athletes and people who work in the fitness industry, but for anyone who needs to get through a day. Try to stick from between 3 to 4 servings of carbohydrates a day. If you’re trying to lose weight, you can restrict that to to to for per day. Maintain your weight, you can even have more.

Are there any alternatives to eating brown bread or oatmeal?

A lot of people struggle with getting in enough fiber because maybe they don’t like oatmeal or brown bread and past that. If this is the case, there are many different types of supplements that you could take that will also give you fiber. For example, one popular supplement that is also helpful for weight loss is called skinny fiber which contains 3 g of fiber per pill. By taking the supplement, you will feel more fall throughout the day and also will require less about of carbohydrates to feel satiated. Anyone who has ever struggled with with fatigue will tell you that unless you have enough energy, you won’t be able to enjoy working or even living. So make sure you get in enough fiber in this will help you lose weight, and also give you more energy throughout the day.

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