One of the most frustrating things about weight loss, is trying to determine what exactly you’re supposed to be eating in order to lose weight. There are many different theories and different diets available that say you should only eat fruits and vegetables and protein and avoid carbohydrates and sugar at all costs. Other diets insist that you should eat high-fat and avoid low-fat food and indulge in chocolate and bacon. Whereas other diets are completely against the idea of eating cooked foods and insist that you can have the best body of your dreams if you only eat uncooked raw food. Which of these diets is accurate? Are any of them accurate? Are there any scientific research studies and facts to support the fact that studies claim you can lose weight by following them?

Why should you avoid fad diets?

The problem with the majority of these diets is that they are fad diets and offer no substantiated evidence or proof that they will actually work and help you lose weight. They also lack what I like to call is balance. You can’t expect to eat a diet of completely raw food for the rest of your life. Unless you are rabbit and you really enjoy the raw food, most people will not be satisfied by eating raw zucchini and raw carrots and raw fish. What you need to do is find a diet and exercise program that offers balance. Going on the 21 day diet is the perfect way to get healthy and lose weight. While following this diet, you can eat small quantities of carbohydrates, and healthy quantities of vegetables, fruits, and protein. You are not depriving yourself of any one singular food group. A 21 day diet review stated that this program is designed for people who need to learn about portion control and need to follow simple instructions without having to count calories.

What kinds of exercise promote fat burning?

The 21 day diet program also includes 30 minute exercises that you will follow each day that will help to build your body, build muscle, and help you burn fat that stubborn on all those areas on your body like your lower belly fat or your upper thighs. In following a diet like this, you do not have to guess or wonder if it’s going to work, and you don’t have to worry about the repercussions of completely changing your diet afterwards like you would if you were to follow one of these fad diets. You can follow the 21 day diet for the rest of your life and still feel satisfied with these healthy recipes and not crave foods that you are no longer able to have. The key is moderation and consistency. If you occasionally like to indulge in a bit of chocolate or potato chips, make sure the portion is small, and exercise extra to make up for it the following day. Try this diet out and let us know in the comments below how you make out.

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